When To Replace Insulation

If you live in an older home or have older commercial space, you may wonder if or when you should replace your fiberglass insulation. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the following factors should help you in your decision:

  • Are you remodeling? If so, it's a great time to replace old fiberglass insulation with spray foam.
  • Have you had a rodent or insect infestation? If you've had mice or other critters in your attic, they may have chewed through your fiberglass insulation and left a foul odor in their place, not to mention the damage to wiring and mechanicals. Not only is spray foam insulation a better insulator, but it's also harder for rodents to carry off.
  • Do you have a building you're converting to a work space? Spray foam is an excellent option for pole barns.
  • Have you recently experienced flooding? If your fiberglass insulation is damp or wet, you should replace it. One of the highlights of spray foam is that it can be washed after a flood and is not conducive to mold growth.
  • Do you have mold? Mold can't grow inside the spray foam. If it appears on the outside, it can be treated and sprayed off!
  • Do you have a draft, or can’t control your humidity? Spray foam insulation stops air infiltration and will shut down the draft.
  • Is your current insulation falling or hanging down?
  • Does your current insulation contain odors? Diesel smoke? Or smells musty? If you've had a fire or a fire nearby, your fiberglass insulation can absorb odors from the air around it. Spray foam doesn't absorb odor.

If any of these scenarios exist in your home or commercial building, it may be time to call Slagel Insulation Inc. to discuss your needs and see if spray foam insulation is right for you. Call today to discuss your situation and get started with a quote for your project at 309-377-3111, or contact us online!